21 best Social media Strategies for 2021

2020 and 2021 has been the year of social media boom. On an average, the usage of average social media user has almost 3x during this pandemic and lockdown condition. Study has revealed and average time spent on social media as 6 hours. So how can you tap this users for your business. Here are 21 Best social media marketing techniques for 2021

21 best Social media Strategies for 2021

1. Attractive Graphics / Creative Designs.

Creating Amazing banner, artwork to showcase your services, offers and business demands is the base of social media marketing. An Banner should include props that matches the text and decent background. Size of banner is most important thing as it should fit both mobile and desktop screen. Hiring a Professional Creative Graphics designing Agency will help promoting social media more easily for a company

2. Video Ads

As the internet speed has increased to much higher level with 4G band, downloading and surfing of videos has increased tremendously nowadays. Videos should be small, informative and upto point. It should give a sense of watching without thinking of its negative aspects. Indirect marketing is what needs to be done using video ads. Professional video making companies in Pune can help your company make such outstanding and conversion getting video.

3. Optimize Mobile

Whatever content, images, and videos you are posting should be first and foremost mobile friendly. 85% of average traffic comes from mobile as per recent studies for b2c market and more than 40% for b2b. Also keep it as short as possible as users nowadays like to read short pieces of content and watch small but informative videos. Gone are days of long hectic readings other than that of interests.

4. A/B testing

Consider setting ad with two separate audiences set so that one can make judgement on which ad performed better. Always try testing different parameters as there is always a room for improvement

5. Remarketing

As User does not get converted easily or do not tend to fill inquiry form on the first go, diverting his mind to fill the inquiry by reshowing the ad continuously is a major marketing factor. On the other hand, visitors visiting website are also shown the same ad about products seen on website. This is also called some form of behavioural marketing. A best Digital marketing company can help you out for remarketing ads targeting. Remarketing comes with some extra set of expenses but have proven good returns.

6. Targeted audience

7. Content marketing

8. Influencer marketing

9. Organic reach

10. Join groups

11. Take survey

12. Use keywords and #tags precisely